LtG; 3 Keys to Today

Dear Gina,

I recently set the Bed and Breakfast as the Hope Mountain House LLC.  In our legalese the LLC acronym stands for Limited Liability Corporation.  That is, my life and my business life, have an imaginary line drawn between them and my person is not liable for damages incurred by the business.

That’s not what I choose to see when I read LLC though.  I see in those three letters the three words I know drive purpose and power into my life.  The three actions that encompass the meaning of my consciousness: Live, Love, Create!

Live, and take care of your body, it is your vehicle that moves your consciousness around this world.

Love, deeply and without expectation, it is the great unifying force.

Create, dare to believe in the value of your ideas, and create what you have imagined.


img_2818LIVE!   A couple of weeks ago I was talking with my aunt and wise woman Diane Tousignant and the conversation turned toward knowledge.  I allowed that I was most interested in the things that people knew without ever having been taught.  I asked her what her experience was with this and she replied, with no hesitation, “I have to spend 30 minutes a day outside doing something.”  Her sentence stopped me for a minute.  I knew that about myself too, but had never examined the knowing with deliberate thought.  As I did, an amazing thing happened, her sentence worked it’s way around the room and all present came to the same general conclusion, a little physical activity, outside, is an important part of the day.  We might as well say living is important to life.

Live, and live well.  Know what that means to you, and how you plan to do it.  The simpler the plan the better.  In pursuit of life you will encounter all different forms of it.  Along the way you may see something you want to try, something that you like, by all means, try the different flavors of life.  Curiosity and boredom do not share space, if you are curious and living, you are on a path of personal expansion and discovery.


loveLOVE! Completely and without reservation.  This message is shared by nearly every prophet, ethos and belief system, but more importantly, the great current of love shared between individuals is capable of binding our individuality to a much greater whole.

There are endless varieties of love, and this message works for all of them.  Be selfless in your love.  It is not a weapon to wield or a threat to hang, it is a gift, from one soul to another, a recognition of evolving perfection in someone else, and the chance to accept, without judgement or reservation, all of the good and all of the ill represented in them.


CREATE!  Through creation we explore possibility, we discover the dead ends of failure, and we delineate the path forward.  There are all kinds of creation, and what that means to you might very well be different that what it means to another.  What creation looks like one day will often be different than what it was the day before.  The thing is, listen within, and trust yourself to create the life you imagine for yourself.  Believe in the power of your own ability!

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